UK We would like to present to you a new concept called,
“Tree Village” and its unique position at the market.

The tree nursery sector is a noteworthy source of income for the municipality of Neder-Betuwe, an area in the middle of the Netherlands, and is thus an important economic player. There are more than 130 nurseries in the region. They grow trees of high quality on more than 1500 ha of land. Most nurseries grow avenue and ornamental trees, fruit, shrubs, conifers and herbaceous perennials.

In 2009 some leading tree nurseries got together and formed the organization Tree Village. This cooperation gives the nurseries of Neder-Betuwe the possibility to obtain a better position on the market. Within Tree Village everyone works at their own place and performs to the best of their abilities. The organization originates from a group of enthusiastic nurseryman from the region of Opheusden who believe in the idea of honest and open communication between production and commerce.

The goal of Tree Village is efficiency. When production and commerce become autonomous and start to cooperate, the producer can give all his time and attention to the quality of the product and the production process. Because of this we will be able to make a difference and guarantee sustainability. Commerce will be organized by three export societies who will maintain and form new relations in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Tree Village aims for an optimal balance between commerce and production and a good position on the market that will cope with competitive pressure.

Tree Village, a win-win situation! 

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With kind regards, cooperation Tree Village